GIZ SPACES EEC News #1, Starting Over!

6 Jan, 2022

Starting Over!

The SPACES project is going into its second phase. And so is its Output 4 on environmental education and communication (EEC) for the Mongolian system of protected areas (PAs) from 12/2021 to 11/2023. This is a good moment to review what has been achieved in 12/2019 to 11/2021, and to look ahead into EEC activities for 2022 of the SPACES project.

Achievements 2020 – 2021

As far as Phase 1 is concerned, the project ā€“ just as everyone else ā€“ was seriously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to related travel restricĀ­tions and lockdowns, the ACT Assist team only had 2 out of 8 missions to Mongolia. Even so, a capacity needs assessment (CNA) regarding EEC for PAs among stakeĀ­holders could be conducted, which was the basis for a 10-step National EEC Strategy (EECS). A total of 12 EEC media products were completed: An EEC ToolBox, a MOVE Manual on moderation and visualization for EEC events, Environmental JourĀ­nalism Guideline, inforĀ­mation flyers on the Khan Khenti, Gorkhi Terelj and Orhon Valley PAs, a flyer, notebook and aniĀ­mated video clip with PA policy and manageĀ­ment messaĀ­ges for decision makers, and another aniĀ­mated video clip and comic preĀ­senĀ­ting a guideline for young PA visitors that can be distributed through digital and social media channels. In addition, two training-of-trainer guideĀ­lines were developed on the ToolBox and MOVE Manual, and on 5 environĀ­mental education project weeks for outdoor events.

In the Khan Khenti, Gorkhi Terelj and Orhon Valley PAs, a number of EEC pilot measures were started, e.g. flyers, info-boards and signposts on the newly developed visitorā€™s guideline, a flyer on a new route in the Khan Khenti and Gorkhi Terelj PAs, and pedaĀ­gogical concepts and a planning guide for informaĀ­tion centers and nature trails.

Moreover, the GIZ SPACES team assisted the pilot and a baseline environmental awareness survey on Knowledge-Attitudes-Practices (KAP) related to the mentioned PAs.

Planned Activities in 2022

First of all, the SPACES project has put the mentioned media and material to good use by proving a platĀ­form from which interested parties can download the products. In early 2022, the mentioned 2020 CNA and EECS have been updated. A related Action Plan 2022-2023 will be developed in a stakeholder workshop later in 2022. SubseĀ­quently, a regular PA-related stakeholder dialog platform will be set-up. In April 2022, EEC trainings that use the ToolBox, MOVE Manual and other media and materials have been offered to more than 30 PA communications officers as well as more than 50 EEC experts from government, non-government, research and donor organizations.

Further EEC media products and materials in the context of campaigns, social media, edutainment, non-formal education, and two more EEC pilot meaĀ­sures for the Khan Khenti, Gorkhi Terelj and PAs in a Western (Khovd) cluster will be developed and coached. The latter may support existing and future environmental education centers.