Sharing Experience and Learning about EEC at the Freshwater Center

Let’s Love, Share and Collaborate for a Green Mongolian Nature – this is how the Fresh Water Resources and Nature Conservation center (FWC) invited partners in environmental education and communication (EEC) to an event at their premises on 5 Dec, 2022. The event was initiated by FWC on the occasion of its 10th anniversary this year, and it was co-financed and co-organized by the GIZ SPACES project under the My Green Mongolia (MGM) campaign. The key objectives of the event were to continue sharing experiences and informing each other about EEC-related tools, trainings, and products for further collaboration. A total of 46 participants representing 15 different organizations – four of them new to the campaign – joined the event, which was a follow-up of earlier EEC trainings of stakeholders of the MGM campaign in April and August 2022.

Eight organizations highlighted EEC activities including short videos and films, and interactive exercises and plays. Ms Sunjidmaa from the Ecological Education Center played out the exercise The Age of the Earth that is usually for secondary students to answer a series of questions.  The participants also enjoyed playing another fun game for kids guided by FWC staff in which they had to predict wild animals by seeing the covered stuffed animals, their habitat area, food, etc. Kids learn that those animals are endangered. If not protected now they may disappear just as the dinosaurs. The SPACES project screened animated video clips produced on wildfire and a visitors guideline for protected areas. Participants also were excited to become the first ones to listen to the initial episode of a radio drama series of 26 episodes that will be broadcast between January and June 2023. ZSL/Luujin presented a film produced by eco-club kids from Bayankhongor aimag.  Hanns Seidel Foundation shared two video lessons on the legal framework of forest product usage. The video on a the life of a wolf produced by the Ecological Police was one of the highlights as participants were excited to learn about wolves’ benefits for keeping an ecological balance.

Other organizations displayed their EEC materials, including manuals, brochures, handbooks, and training products. Digital materials such as videos, films, etc. were shown on a big screen in the lobby during break times, when the organizations had time to share more and discussed their further collaboration. Most importantly, the participants gained so much information about who is doing what in the field of EEC, and how to collaborate to reach out to the public.

In addition to the organizers (FWC and SPACES) and government representatives (Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ecological Police), members of the umbrella organization of environmental NGOs (PCC, Chuluut Tul, ZSL/Luujin), protected area staff from Khustai, KKSPA, and GTNP, international donor projects (UNDP ENSURE, KOICA’s Green Asia Network, FAO & WWF’s Sustainable Landscapes and Biodiversity Conservation), the National University’s Environmental Education center and the Love from Bottom campaign of the Mongolian Government and the Oyu Tolgoi mining company. The Green Asia Network, the Umbrella Organization of Environmental NGOs, and the Love from Bottom campaign expressed their interest to join the MGM campaign.