Environmental Media Campaigns in 10 Steps – A Training Workshop

28 Feb, 2023

The Freshwater Center (FWC) in cooperation with SPACES organized a 3-day on Environmental Media Campaigns as part of the MGM campaign on 13-15 Feb, 2023. Around 25 staff members of FWC, Hanns Seidel Foundation, Zoological Society London (ZSL), the Center of Environmental Education, the Mongolian Council  of Environmental NGOs (MCEN), the Green Asia Network, Buten Buleen Media, and the Khan Khenti Protected Area were trained by international media campaign expert Manfred Oepen and Nara Yansanjav of the People-centered Conservation (PCC) organization.

Participants were introduced to 10 steps of a successful media campaign, and a case study from Laos that had used the 10 steps. Most importantly, they applied these steps when conceptualizing new campaigns for their own organizations in three working groups, two by the FWC and one headed by the MCEN. Group 1 (FWC) focused on a “Waste Management” campaign aiming at the recycling of plactic bottles through a deposit system focusing on youth and a chain of shops. Group 2 (FWC) planned for an “Online Ranger” campaign, reactivating eco-clubs through an integrated online platform. Group 3 (MCEN) developed the framework for a “Water” campaign to improve the efficiency of water use.

Each group identified 3-4 priority problems and the key factors and behavior patterns that cause the problems (Step 1), described 2-3 target groups and their interests related to the problems identified (Step 2), formulated communication objectives for the target groups (Step 3), briefed the resources available for the campaigns in terms of money, time, staff, etc. (Step 4), listed partners and their benefits/incentives when contributing to the campaigns (Step 5), and selected the best media mix to reach the target groups identified (Step 6).

In a plenary session, the three groups then presented their impressive and discussion conclusions along these steps in relation with the planning of their campaigns.

Last but not least, participants discussed the next steps of applying what they have newly learned during the workshop in their daily work in their organizations. This reflection especially concerned the further planning and realization of the media campaigns the participants had drafted in their respective working groups.