Environmental Education by the Khan Khentii Special Protected Area Administration

10 April, 2023

The Khan Khentii Special Protected Area (KKSPA) administration has started a waste management campaign and competition among neighboring soums in March 2023. The main objective is to include all community members in the initiative and work together to make the environment waste free and clean. The “One bottle One Icecream” campaign is geared towards youth with the incentive of an icecream for every glass bottle brought back for recycling. The competition under the slogan “Clean Households Free of Waste” is to encourage community members towards the separation of their household waste and its disposal in allocated places in order to prevent environmental pollution. This inititive is supported by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to create a healthy and clean environment that welcomes tourists in the KKSPA area.


Another activity by the KKSPA administration is a drawing competition among middle and high school children from Bugant Village of Selenge Province. The “Love Water” theme of the competition was closely related to the World Water Day on 22 March, 2023. The purpose of the competition was to instill fondness of nature among children, to understand the importance of fresh water for humans, plants and animals, and to encourage water-saving practices. The winners of the competition have been awarded together with partners and local government.