My Green Mongolia Media and Materials Promoted By QR Codes

10 May, 2023

Within less than a year, the My Green Mongolia network has produced and collected numerous media and materials related to environmental education and communication (EEC). Now, some key elements of this treasure trove can be shared with others through brief QR-coded messages. The messages are communicated in handy formats such as postcard-size handouts or stickers that can be disseminated digitally or as printed, partly self-adhesive, materials. But also larger, A4 or poster-size formats can be used.

The four initial MGM key elements are the MGM website, the MGM MediaKit, the Visitor Guide for protected areas and the radio drama series. Additional MGM media and materials such as the animated video clips or the EEC manuals and guidelines can and will follow.


The postcard and sticker sizes have been chosen deliberately because four (4) postcards or ten (10) stickers fit on one (1) A4 sheet of paper. This makes printing more cost-efficient for interested parties who would like to download and reproduce the QR-coded materials:

MGM Websitepostcard & sticker

MGM MediaKitpostcard & sticker

Visitor Guidepostcard & sticker

Radio Dramapostcard & sticker