Manuals & Guidelines

Many “My Green Mongolia” partners have developed manuals and guidelines related to environmental education and communication (EEC). They comprise lessons learned that are relevant for skills training of staff of other organizations engaged in the same field.

For example, GIZ SPACES in cooperation with MET-DPAM produced several volumes on how to organize, moderate and visualize indoor and outdoor EEC events, use a ToolBox on EEC action learning or a guideline on environmental journalism.

Such manuals and guidelines enable “My Green Mongolia” partners to manage and implement in-house and external environmental events and to provide related training and coaching to protected area administrations and other relevant partners, e.g. in non-government and media organizations, green schools, eco-clubs or environmental information centers, etc.

The recommendations, methods and tools presented can serve as an orientation for national and international partners in government and civil society in Mongolia. The latter can use the proven methods and tools described here to create and implement their own EEC activities, events and training.

What the manuals and guidelines have in common is their foundation in education for sustainable development, their pillars regarding non-formal environmental education and communication, and their overall orientation to the 10 steps of the national Environmental Education and Communication Strategy (EECS) for Mongolia.