The campaign appoach used by “My Green Mongolia” is based on a 10-step Environmental Education and Communication Strategy (EECS) that aims at counterbalancing the low environmental awareness in Mongolia.

After a thorough problem analysis, the GIZ SPACES KAP survey in 2021 was the EECS’ Step 2: It revealed that large sections of protected area (PA) visitors as well as many PA staff lack knowledge about the correlation between sustainable development and environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and climate change. Mass media pay limited attention to environmental and climate-related issues. Other organizations’ KAP surveys confirm this trend.

Currently, the “My Green Mongolia” campaign has reached Steps 4, 5 and 6: Resource planning, partner involvement and media selection and mix. All media and non-formal environmental educational activities used in the context of the campaign are multi-purpose in nature, i.e. interrelated and mutually supporting each other. For example, video clips produced for social media can be used for trainings, workshops, this website, non-formal education events or as spots and elements of  TV programs.

At a later stage, print and broadcasting journalists should be trained on environmental journalism. The Manual on Environmental Journalism produced by GIZ SPACES in cooperation with MET-DPAM can be a basis for short training courses as it summarizes related experiences, training modules, handouts and guideline.