MGM Members & Partners

Paraphrasing Aristotle´s “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, the energy of a group is more than the aggregated energy of its individual members. And this is exactly what the “My Green Mongolia” initiative is all about: Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.

Many projects and organizations support environmental protection efforts. International projects such as GIZ SPACES or UNDP ENSURE have advised the Ministry of Environment and Tourism on legal frameworks, policies and management of protected area administrations, large-scale landscape protection, eco-friendly and community-based tourism, sustainable management of forests and natural resources, etc. These projects have also invested considerably in both EEC media and educational measures and materials.

International and national NGOs such as WCS, TNC, WWF, the Mongolian Ecological Center or Nomadic Nature Conservation as well as academic and research organizations, e.g. the Environmental Education Center at National University or the Freshwater Center have for many years run individual campaigns, produced media or conducted training in relation with endangered species, biodiversity, forest or landscape conservation with a wide variety of local target audiences.

Coordinated by the Department of Protect Area Management of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET-DPAM), many protected area administrations contribute to the above mentioned efforts as communication & education officers often organize outdoor environmental education activities in cooperation with green schools, eco-clubs or their own information centers.

“My Green Mongolia” Member Organizations

And it is under the umbrella of the “My Green Mongolia” (MGM) initiative that all these organizations come together to streamline their efforts to co-create innovative EEC media and materials, trainings and curricula. Most of them have become MGM members, signing a Memorandum of Understanding that entitles them to use the MGM logo and branding in their own work, duplicate the MGM website for their own organizations’ internet presence, and use plots and characters of the MGM radio drama series for their own media and materials such as animated video clips or comics.


“My Green Mongolia” Partner Organizations

Other organizations have chosen to be MGM partners, sharing and contributing to the campaign’s network, events, media and materials whenever an opportunity for joint efforts arises.