Radio & TV

The eagerly awaited radio drama series “Love and Greed in the Valley of Cashmere Goats” was launched on 9 Jan, 2023. Be sure to listen in to all 26 episodes below on this website, on national radio channel 98.9 or on the related Facebook page. All these channels will be updated weekly after a new episode has been broadcast.

The drama is created within the framework of My Green Mongolia campaign and entails a variety of environmental issues through intriguing story plots and creative dialogues. There are bad guys, an attractive heroine, a love triangle, sleezy hustlers, lots of tempting business opportunities, sex & crime, and quite some cashmere goats involved.

The radio drama series will have 26 episodes of 13-15 min each, to be broadcast weekly.  In addition, the drama series will be supported by podcasts via online and mobile phone service providers. The target audiences are urban and rural youth and herder families.