Sources & Literature on EEC



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The following links provide useful web-based sources for multi-media and educational material related to environmental and biodiversity protection as well as climate change:

Convention on Biodiversity Resources teaching resources on biodiversity. Biodiversity Teachers Guide for Year 3-4 in Australia, incl. teaching materials

Oxfam Climate Chaos resources for a 5-day workshop on “What is Climate Change?” for kids, complete with tasks, games, exercises, video clips etc.

Biodiversity Day Global Biodiversity Action Days in 40 countries as part of German development cooperation

Children’s Segment of the Indo-German Biodiversity Program offers a range of information, games, quizzes, a video and a photo gallery related to biodiversity in general, and in India in particular

Youth and United Nations Global Alliance of FAO, UN and the World Association for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts has published a series of Youth Guides and Challenge Badges for youth leaders, school teachers and NGOs, inter alia guides on Biodiversity and Forest, and challenge badges on Biodiversity, Forests, Climate Change, Water, Soils, Food Security and Climate Change and other themes