Studies & Reports

The studies and reports listed here are all directly relevant to the My Green Mongolia campaign as well as EEC in Mongolia while the sources and literature on EEC are of a more general, international nature.



GIZ SPACES & MET-DPAM, National Environmental Education and Communication Strategy (EECS) related to the Protected Area System in Mongolia, updated in April 2022  EN   MN

GIZ SPACES, My Green Mongolia Campaign. Concept Note, April 2022  EN

Steffen Schülein, Examples of Infoboards & Infotrails in Protected Areas, 2021 EN

SDC & GIZ, Education for Sustainable Development Project 2015-2018. Final Report, 2018  EN

REDD+ Mongolia & MET, The Communications, Knowledge Management, and Media Strategy of Mongolia’s Forest and Climate Programme, 2016  EN

LIFE+ Information and Communication Project, Effective Communication Manual, 2013  EN

GIZ, Education for Sustainability as a Tool for Creating Development and Sustainability. Review and Lessons Learnt from a 2008-2010 GTZ Program in Mongolia, 2010  EN

Manfred Oepen, Environmental communication for cooperative pasture management in Khar Us Nuur National Park/Mongolia. A case study, in: Oepen, Environmental communication for sustainable environmental protection. A guideline for WWF projects (in German), WWF Germany 2002  GER

UNDP & MET, Environmental Public Awareness Handbook.
Case Studies and Lessons Learned in Mongolia,
1999  EN



GIZ SPACES, Photo Report of Workshop “Campaigning & Theatre for My Green Mongolia”, August 21-23, 2023 EN | MN

GIZ SPACES, Photo Report of Training Workshop “Environmental Campaigning in 10 Steps”, February 13-15, 2023 EN | MN

GIZ SPACES, Photo Report of Methods and Tools of interactive EEC Training for KKSPA and GTNP Staff, February 8-9, 2023 EN

GIZ SPACES, Report on Khangal Lake EEC Youth Camp, 8-11 May, 2023 EN

GIZ SPACES, Photo Report of Radio Drama Workshop, 23-26 August, 2022  EN

GIZ SPACES, Report of My Green Mongolia Stakeholder Workshop, 22 August, 2022  EN

GIZ SPACES, Photo Report of Training-of-Trainers Workshop on “Environmental Education & Communication (EEC) in Mongolia” for government and non-government organizations, 18-20 April, 2022  EN | MN

GIZ SPACES, Workshop Report on “Environmental Communication for Protected Areas (PA) in Mongolia” for PA communications officers, 25-26 April, 2022 EN

GIZ, Planning an Environmental Education/Information Center. A Task Template, 2021  EN

UNDP ENSURE, Newsletter “Let’s be Friendly to Our Mother Nature”, 2019 EN

WCS, PRIDE Campaign Final Report, 2012  EN

MET-DPAM, Brand Book for Protected Areas  MN