MGM Joins IUCN CEC as a Pilot

On 5 Feb, 2024 MGM members held another stakeholder meeting to share and discuss MGM as a pilot of the IUCN CEC Communication Strategy Guide, and to brainstorm and draft the 2024 MGM operational plan. The cooperation between MGM and IUCN CEC was welcomed by all MGM members as this provides a great opportunity for MGM to be promoted internationally. In addition, MGM member organizations will be able to extend their collaboration and connection with other organizations associated with IUCN. 

In this regard, MGM members continue to be committed to sharing all the EEC activities they undertook since late 2022 using what they learned from training series and update all related media and materials on the MGM website. Moreover, they expressed willingness to support compiling documentation and materials needed for the IUCN pilot case.

In respect with brainstorming the 2024 MGM operational plan, participants generated draft ideas and plans under the slogan “Collaboration, promotion, self-finance, and self-sustainability”. The overall outcome of 2024 should promote MGM at the national level through joint activities using what we have learned in trainings, and to self-sustain MGM through creating self-finance drivers. To this effect, the dedicated MGM EEC team will implement the following activities:

·         - Strengthen the team to run EEC activities at schools and organizations at the national level, starting from the nearest PAs in UB, namely KKSPA and GTNPA.

·         - Develop an EEC event calendar for EEC activities, including community theatre performances (FWC), nature trunks (NNC and ZSL), Nature trails (EEC/NUM), and radio drama (SONOS) using the media products developed under MGM and respective member organizations. Each event should last 50-60 minutes at most, be highly interactive and participatory, and communicated 3-4 key environmental messages to the public.

·         - The EEC team aims to conduct its first event during the EU Days in May 2024 at Sukhbaatar Square.

·         - The public events will serve as an effective and impactful promotion of MGM to attract other environmental projects, programs, and private sector companies to cooperate or finance MGM at a later stage. 

·         - MGM will elaborate a plan for a solid bus or trunk to run such EEC activities in a variety of locations. MGM plans to try fund raising from KfW, WWF, TNC, and private sector companies like Gobi Cashmere, APU, etc.

·         - Identify a social influencer who could be the face and ambassador of MGM.

As a result, the next steps will be to reconstruct and update the MGM website - which is currently offline due to a virus attack - within February 2024. At the same time, a draft event calendar will be prepared. An event script will be finalized and tested in one of the UB schools by April 2024, as well as preparations for the EU Days in May. All activities will be monitored by another quarterly MGM meeting will be held in June 2024.

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