The My Green Mongolia (MGM) campaign is implemented based on the 10-step national environmental education and communication strategy (EECS) to improve environmental awareness. According to the Knowledge-Attitude-Practice survey conducted by the GIZ SPACES project as Step 2 of the EECS, visitors and PA staff know little about sustainable development, nature conservation, biological diversity, or climate change. Information about these topics is rare and inadequate. These results of KAP surveys conducted by other organizations were similar.

Currently, within the framework of the MGM campaign, Steps 4-10 of the EEC are ongoing iteratively, especially resource planning, partner engagement, media selection and mix. The news and media materials used in the campaign create opportunities for mutual support. For example, videos prepared for social networks can be widely used in training, meetings, informal events, and television programs.

Media and broadcasting journalists have been trained in environmental journalism. It is possible to organize experience exchange courses based on the Environmental Journalism Guide issued jointly by GIZ SPACES and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.