The Nomadic Nature Conservation NGO provides essential natural science and nature conservation education to local people around the PA and local communities through the “Treasure Trunk”. This mobile treasure box provides a creative, participatory learning environment. The box includes toy dolls, posters, maps, wildlife tracks and books in the shape of animals that need to be protected in the area. The training course for trainers lasts 2-3 days and includes ecological teachers and representatives from provinces. About 25-30 teachers and experts can participate in one training.
The Ecological Education Center of National University of Mongolia (EEC-NUM) conducts practical experiments to make children and young people of Ulaanbaatar understand how the bad daily habits affect the environment. The Ecological Education Center has a small museum of ecology and zoology, a garden for natural experiences, and a multidisciplinary training and research greenhouse. Guided tours and other programs for different age groups are designed to create awareness among children and youth and empower learners to change attitudes and contribute to sustainable development. The center also has experience in conducting environmental training for school teachers, government and non-government organizations, and preparing TV programs.