In December 2022, the GIZ SPACES project produced a radio drama series called “Love and Greed in the Valley of Cashmere Goats” that is related to protected areas (PAs) and the environment. One of the reasons why the radio drama initiative became a success story is its co-creation with environmental stakeholder organizations that are partners in the My Green Mongolia campaign. Another key to success was combining environmental information with attractive entertainment. The love triangle between ranger Garid, herder Suvda and the son of a rich herd-owner, Ganaa, the often not so legal schemes of Ganaa’s father and his business partners, and Garid’s and the soum governor’s honest concern for the environment resulted in thrilling suspense and breathtaking cliffhangers episode by episode.
The drama’s 26 episodes of 13-15 min each were broadcast weekly on the popular nationwide radio station FM 98,5 in the context of the MGM national campaign. Other radio stations joined in later. The drama is meant to target urban and rural youth as well as herder families. Its major goal is to raise awareness on environmental issues and to foster environmental education and communication (EEC) in the country. The first episode was broadcast in early January, and the first season of the drama’s story arch concluded in June 2023. The 26 episodes started to be rebroadcast on Radio 102.1 from 1 Feb, 2024. On that occasion two more epsiodes will be added that are financed by UNDP ENSURE.

When a new episode has been broadcast it is also shared via Facebook, and YouTube. Some of the radio drama’s story lines and characters have also been transferred to short animated videos and comics with forest-related messages that reflect objectives of the SPACES project and are disseminated through social media.
The innovative environmental education format combines information with attractive entertainment. This edutainment approach fosters 3H (head-heart-hand) learning by relying more on emotions than scientific facts and technical concepts. Intriguing story plots and creative dialogues address a variety of environmental challenges such as forest fires, illegal hunting and logging, wildlife protection, water scarcity and soil erosion – and most of all pasture degradation and overgrazing, for which the cashmere goats are a driver. Scripts are written in a simple language and in a socio-cultural context that is understood by all Mongolian citizens.