The “My Green Mongolia” initiative was born out of a training workshop on environmental education and communication (EEC) organized by the GIZ SPACES project in April 2022. The more than 30 participating stakeholder organizations from government, non-government, donor and research organizations, and selected protected area (PA) administrations were enthusiastic about the event’s topic because they considered this field neglected over the last 15 years. They agreed that all the EEC media and materials that have been produced by these stakeholders need streamlining in order to have an impact beyond the limited scope of isolated projects or organizations.
This is where the idea of establishing a national campaign originated. Soon enough the name “My Green Mongolia” came up, supported by a Facebook Group and – now, a website.
The campaign is based on a partnership model with equal rights for and shared responsibility among all partners. This explains the wide range of environmental themes and the diversity of EEC media, materials, methods, tools, trainings and curricula shared by the stakeholders of this initiative.

To this effect, GIZ SPACES provides “My Green Mongolia” with initial start-up support while other organizations contribute their media and materials to this website and start buying in to the national campaign.